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april 2021 intake
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1 september - 31 october 2020

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no application/agent fee required

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Why should you consider studying in a Japanese Language School?

What should I do now..?

That depends on your education level and goal!

To be eligible for Japanese universities, you need to

  1. Complete a College Preparatory Course (recognized by the Ministry of Education in Japan)
  2. Pass JLPT N2 or higher
  3. Take the EJU Exam (subjects required depend on the course/university you intend to get into)

To be eligible for Japanese universities, you need to

  1. Pass JLPT N2 or higher
  2. Take the EJU Exam (subjects required depend on the course/university you intend to get into)

In general, the requirements for most technical schools/colleges (専門学校)are
(1) Completed 12-year primary & secondary education (Pre-U Course/Form 6/A-Levels or equivalent)
(2) Passed JLPT N2 or higher

There are some technical schools/colleges that accept applications by students with 11 years of primary & secondary education (Form 5/O-Levels). As such, applicants only need to pass JLPT N2 to be eligible.

Still, we strongly advise applicants to check and confirm the requirements with the school/college in advance to avoid misunderstanding.

The minimum requirements to obtain a working visa in Japan are

1. Completed a Bachelor’s Degree
2. Passed JLPT N2

...... still confused?

Don’t worry!

We provide free consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to study in Japan varies according to where you are staying in Japan.

According to the info provided by JASSO (Japan Student Service Organization), the minimum amount required to live in Tokyo is JPY100,000 (± RM4,000)  a month (excluding education fee).

★ JASSO’s 2019-2020 Student Guide to Japan [LINK]

The answer may be different from one school to another, but the general ruling by the government states that applicants are required to show proof of Japanese studies when applying to study in Japan.

Acceptable documents that could be used as proof are

  • Letter by the school certifying at least 150 hours of Japanese language studies.
  • Passing certificate for JLPT N5 and above

Your application may be rejected by the school and/or the government.

Do note that if your application is rejected by the government, you will not get the C.O.E. (Certificate of Eligibility) that is necessary for student visa application before leaving Malaysia.

You will also need to resubmit all the documents again if you intend to reapply for the following intake.

Yes, we do at our Damansara Centre!

Check out our Intensive Group Class or contact us at 03-7728-4662 for more details!

No, you are free to choose schools in other prefectures too.
However, do make sure that the school you choose has the course you need/are looking for.

For example, form 5 graduates need to look for schools that offer the College Preparation Course (recognized by the Ministry of Education in Japan) if they wish to get into a Japanese university.

Sadly, no.

We could only assist in applying for language schools and some technical schools/colleges (専門学校).

This would depend on a few factors; if we are not able to assist you, we will direct you to the agent/representative in-charge.

Still, do drop us your contact in the form below so that we can get back to you.

Kindly make an appointment with our person-in-charge, Ms. Regina through the enquiry form found at the bottom of this page.

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