The Study in Japan Program has been around for decades, yet it could still be confusing when it comes to the requirements and application process.

This Intensive Course & Study in Japan package offered by A to Z Language Centre (Malaysia) is designed to assist you in enrolling into a language school of your choice in Japan, and also allow you to pick-up/improve your Japanese language proficiency (meeting the VISA application requirement), while waiting for your application to be processed.

What's in this Package?

Intensive Course

What is Intensive Course?

This course only focuses on Japanese language and classes are conducted for 3 hours daily (Mondays to Fridays, except on public holidays) at 11:00am – 1:00pm & 2:00pm – 3:00pm.

It takes 10 days (total 30 study hours) to complete a level in the intensive course (compared to 3 – 4 months to complete a level if you join the more common once a week courses).

As the classes are fast-paced, one could achieve JLPT N5 from zero within 3 – 4 months!

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Study in Japan Application

So, what are my options?

Before we can recommend anything, it is important to find out the purpose of your study. Below are some common purposes for most applicants,

  • To get into a university in Japan
  • To get into a technical school in Japan
  • To get a job in Japan
  • I want to work in  a Japanese company
  • I just want to level up my Japanese

After identifying the purpose of your study, we will then guide you into planning and preparing for the following,

  • Which school should I apply for?
  • Where can I get the application form?
  • What are the documents I have to submit?
  • By when and how should I submit all my documents?
  • … and many more!

Do note that your purpose, education background and current Japanese language proficiency will affect the process above, thus the process may be different from one person to another.


Intensive Course Schedule

Education Timeline

Common Questions


The fees you are required to pay are

  • Intensive Course Fee (varies according to the number of levels you register for)
    • 10 Levels in 1 payment @ RM5,000
    • 5 Levels in 1 payment @ 2,600
    • 1 Level (level by level payment) @ RM540
  • Fees set by the Japanese Language School of your choice (fees for registration, screening, tuition, facilities etc)

Consultation & guidance offered by A to Z Language Centre are free of charge!
We also do not charge any agent fee for the application!

Intensive Course

Classes are available both in-house & online.
※ Classes will only be conducted online during MCO/CMCO or when we are not allowed to conduct classes at the premise.

Yes, you can join on-going classes and/or skip certain levels if you have studied Japanese before!

A level check will be conducted to determine your current proficiency level before the start of your course.

Feel free to contact us (A to Z Language Centre Damansara) at 03-7728-4662 or 016-628-4662 (available on Whatsapp!)

Study in japan

  1. We have been providing assistance & support to students applying for studying in Japan for more than 15 years.
  2. We have affiliations with many language schools throughout Japan.
  3. We will liaise with the school on your behalf, you do not need to worry about language barrier/miscommunication.
  4. We do not charge agent fees.
  5. We do not charge for document translation.

You are free to choose the school of your choice. The schools we have affiliation with could be found at the  Affiliated Schools section.

The choice of school differs according to your needs/goals, thus a consultation with us is highly recommended.

Consultation with us is FREE OF CHARGE.

The university/technical school will be determined by you!
(but you must first meet the requirements to be eligible)

Application support & assistance will be provided by the school in Japan when you are eligible to apply for the courses in university/technical school.

No, unless you fulfill the requirements for the application.

In general,

Requirements for University Application

  1. Completed 12 years in primary & secondary education
  2. Passed JLPT N2
  3. Taken EJU for the required subjects (varies according to the university course you are applying to)

Requirements for Technical School Application

  1. Completed 12 years in primary & secondary education
    (some allow 11 years but prior confirmation with the institution is required)
  2. Passed JLPT N2

No, because you do not fulfill the requirement “completed 12 years of primary & secondary education”.

As such, you are required to complete a college preparatory or pre-U course before you are eligible.

No, you can complete the course in your home country.

Still, if your aim is to get into a Japanese university, we would recommend choosing a pre-U course in Japan as a means of preparation (proficiency in Japanese is prioritized).


The general requirements (but not limited to) to obtain a working visa in Japan are

  1. Completed a Bachelor’s Degree in institutions acknowledged by the country (where the institution is located)
  2. Passed JLPT N2

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