Study in Japan




Intend to study in Japan, but not too sure what to do or where to start?


Let A to Z Language Centre be your guide!


We have been in this industry for 15 years and counting!

We do not charge any agent/handling fees from the start of the application process until the day you leave for Japan!

Everything you need to pay upfront will be determined by the school and dormitory that you’re applying to.

Want to know what schools are available in Tokyo? Let us tell you!

Looking for schools in other prefectures instead? We have them too!

Not sure what to do or which school to choose? Let us guide you!

Want to know the steps required so that you can get into the university or college of your choice? We are more than happy to help!

Applying to study in Japan can be a tedious process.

Allow us to support you with things like liaising with the person-in-charge in Japan, checking your documents before submitting etc.

Can’t submit your documents because they are not in English or Japanese?

Worry not! You can leave the translation to us!

Oh, did we mention that this service is FREE?

Not all schools come with dormitory application, and when they do not provide this service, allow us to assist you!

What happens next?
How to apply for the visa?
How much money to bring?
How to apply for internet?

These are some of the many frequently asked questions we received, ALL THE TIME!

Allow us to walk you through step-by-step on what needs to be done and how can things be done.

Oh… this is FREE too!

Worried if you (or your children) will be OK going to Japan alone?

If you’re studying in Tokyo, we provide a 2-day support that covers

  • Meeting you at the airport upon arrival & accompanying you to your dormitory
  • Accompanying you to register at the municipal hall, opening a bank account, purchasing basic necessities

This, however, is not a free service.

On the other hand, we sincerely believe that most of you would not need this service and will be able to manage. 😉



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What do you want to achieve? Is it getting into a public or private university? A technical school? Or do you just want to level up your Japanese?
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Find schools that could help you meet the requirement in achieving your goal(s). Contact our PIC to find out about other schools not listed on our page yet!
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Fill-in the forms & provide the required documentations. This part may be harder than it looks for those applying the long-term courses as more official documents are necessary.
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Before you are allowed to submit your application, all forms and documents provided will be reviewed and checked for mistakes and errors. You may be required to provide more documents if deemed required by the PIC.
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Once it is confirmed that the forms and documents provided are complete and sufficient, you may submit your application by handing them in or posting through courier services to A to Z Language Centre (Damansara). Do take note that the screening or application fee determined by the school in Japan is payable upon submission.



No, you are not eligible to apply because you have not completed 12 years formal education (primary – secondary – Form 6/Pre-U) required by the Japanese Education System. 

Yes, you are also required to have passed JLPT N2 (minimum requirement) and have taken the required EJU subjects (varies among universities/courses that you’re applying for).

Most colleges & technical schools would also require applicants to have completed 12 years of education & passed JLPT N2.

EJU may not be required.

This varies from one person to another.

If you are studying at least 3 hours a day or 15 hours a week, it is safe to assume that you’ll take around 1.5 to 2 years to obtain JLPT N2 level.

JLPT N2 level is equivalent to a high school student’s level of proficiency in Japanese.

We too studied Malay and English for more than 10 years before getting into a university.

Achieving this level of proficiency in the shortest time possible (in this case, 1.5 – 2 years) seems fair.

According to the figures given by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization), the cost of living in Tokyo is around JPY120,000 (around RM4,500-5,000*) a month.

If we include the course fee (Japanese language school) and convert JPY100 @ RM3.80*, the cost for 1 year would be around RM90,000.

Those with student visas are allowed to work up to 28 hours a week.

However, some schools prohibit their students from working part-time (even on weekends & summer holidays).

If you must work part-time in order to be able to afford studying in Japan, we would advise you to reconsider your choices instead.

A few important points to remember are:

  1. When applying to study in Japan, you/your sponsor are/is required to provide proof that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost to study in Japan for at least 1 year.
  2. You are going there as a student, not a worker. Exceeding the weekly 28 hours allowed is a violation and you will be penalized.
  3. You can be expelled from the school or have your visa suspended/cancelled if you do not perform well academically, or constantly fail to turn up for classes.

We are required to submit your forms and documents to the Japanese immigration as well in order to obtain the COE (certificate of eligibility) in time.

The COE is required to apply for the student visa at the local Japanese embassy.

For the April intake, the announcement (for the COE) is expected to be around end of February. In some cases, we may only be informed as late as mid-March.

This announcement will be made by the Japanese immigration. We (the school) do not have control over this matter.